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June 26
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{OR}.::Not so sweet togekiss::. by xXShadowInfinityXx {OR}.::Not so sweet togekiss::. by xXShadowInfinityXx
Name: Jessica "Jess" Nicole Astreda (as-tray-da)

Age: 21

Species: Togekiss

Gender: Female

Weapon/Accessories: Normal scythe,The blue are made of crystals that can cut most objects in half.The weapon is very heavy for others but she can carry it smoothly since she's been handling it for a while (its also bigger then her but I just drew mini on in the box ^^; )

Birthday: Apirl 14

Nature: Brave

Squad Name: None yet
Job: scout

Summary Characteristic: A little quick tempered

Ability: Super luck

Moveset: Aura sphere|Air slash|Sweet kiss|Pluck

Personality: Jess is not the first thing to come to mind when you think of a togekiss. She prefers violent things as she's what you call a average tomboy. She's hard headed, a major rage quiter when she fails for the 5th time. But that doesn't mean she's terrible at games, since she really does try to strategize and most of the time it usally has a 70% chance of it working. But that's just because her plans are just plain predictable or plain out crazy. other then her major rage quiting most pokemon would call her an average bitch from her bitching. But that's just her gaming side, most of the time when she's out of her room she's pretty nice...if you don't catch her in a bad mood since she tries to hold back on cussing people out a lot

History: Jess grew up in a somewhat wealthy family, a mother, father and two older brothers as she was the youngest.Since she grew up with two older brothers that was when she got into video games, anything from the classics to the recent she has played or watched someone else play it by the power of youtube. Basically how it went for her was just sitting and watching the two play and have fun, since she wasn't aloud to play video games back then.

Even in school back then she was the out cast since she enjoyed playing with guys from pre-school to elementary. Girly-girls and divas hated her. Yet since she kept a smile on her face since she had the guys on her side, until high school. Her father thought it was a good idea to send her to an all girls highschool so maybe she could learn on how to be a proper lady. That was a bad move; as she basically sank her whole life and she told him that she would never change and he said only two years to see if she would learn to grow up.

So she won that deal cause in those two years she was done with prissy girls like that and would always come home angry no mater what the situation was cause they would always ruin her whole day,which is why she's a rage quiter and she still has all that anger and fury.But when she won that deal they bought her all the games she wanted from classics to whats new she had it.since they thought she could get a career in video gaming or something useful like in graphics and other stuff.But at least she got what she wanted.

From there on they transfered her to a normal highschool for technolgy where she had fun and pratice the art of animation.She finally felt free and when she gradutated and she was on her own other then regristaion for collage so she was fine and got her own happy ending as she was doing what she loved.

Dislikes & Likes:
-prissy/loud girls
-stupid people/trolls
+monster (the energy drink)

-She's some what girly when it comes to her hair and nails
-Her first game she defeated was one of the the legend of Zelda games, it's her favorite series and why she got the tattoo
-has more tattoos on her back and is planing to get more on her arms
-she's more nicer to children,other then the plain anoying ones
-hispanic, and so she tends to cuss in spanish
-her most used words when she rages is "god fucking damn it" "oh hell no" "go fuck your self" "im done with this shit" "oh my god fuck me in the ass what the hell??" "shitshitshitsshit" "what the actual fuck?" "OH FUCK" "hello bitch good bye bitch"  (tends to use the Fword a lot)
-has never been in a realtion ship since she sees her guys friends,yet day dreams about it and too scared to ask or accept.
-only tends to cuss someout if its needed
-her voice is quite femine and soft yet still cuss which is funny when she does.

Theme Song: Oh no!-Marina and the dimonds
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